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Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products (Aluminium)

HydroBadge We only use Hydro Aluminium Rolled products to extrude on Iron Man Gutter Machine.

Mustang Gutter Systems

MustangGutterSystems Mustang fittings are used on corners and throughout the fitting process where required.

Iron Man Machines


The aluminium guttering is roll formed on our iron man extruding machines situated on our mobile workshops to the desired length with no joints. No joints, means no leaks. This enables us to create a neat and maintenance free product of the highest quality.


bba logo

B.B.A. is an independent body whose role is to protect the ultimate consumer (e.g. householder). This is done by issuing Agrement Certificates to manufacturers after examination of the product for its fitness for purpose within its trade. This certification is recognised by architects, local authorities and insurers nationally and is a sign of quality products.

Eurocell Materials (Fascia Boards / Downpipes)

Eurocell Picture

All Fascia Boards and downpipes are ordered and delivered to the property before work is due to commence. It is important for the homeowner to keep the delivery notes for the products received, as this forms the element of guarantee of the boards direct from the supplier.

Fascia Board Standard Colour Chart (Other Colours are available upon request)



AdjoiningGuttersFittingTLG Gutter has also design protected its own joint fittings that allow us to successfully complete work on separate semi-detached houses and on mid-terraces even where these sites have no downpipes of their own.

Concrete Finlock gutters create damp problems in the loft. Your new roofline work will eliminate this and will comply with the latest BBA SPECIFICATION for loft ventilation and felt repair. 

The ugly concrete Finlock gutters are replaced by PVC Fascias of your colour choice. 

Polymer Sealant

SealantWe use this on all possible damp areas, as these polymers are designed for really harsh conditions.
Silicone doesn't hold in wet conditions.
Factory guaranteed (to purchaser) not to leak for 25 years.
Costs 10 times as much as a standard silicone sealant.
BS EN ISO11600-F-25HM Compliant

Our Company

At TLG Gutter we strive to fulfil our mission of effectively removing concrete gutters and replacing them with an affordable, durable and attractive aluminium guttering system that is guaranteed the highest quality.

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